The Great Gesticulator

by Peculate

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The Great Gesticulator is a concept album about the deification of authority figures, technocrats, CEOs, capital, and the State.

In this album, Peculate combines orchestral influences, among others, with progressive metal.

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released May 10, 2013

Music, lyrics, and production by Ben Norton (
Album art by Ben and Zak Norton (




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Progressive math metal meets jazz-infused avant-garde classical music — Peculate is the solo project of composer and musician Ben Norton

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Track Name: Introductory Rites
Pray to The Great Gesticulator.
Pray your loudest, or you...
Pray to The Great Gesticulator, or you...

Will find yourself,
At the bottom of The Ravine.
Remember when you were last here.

How many matches does it take to burn a Bank?
Just one.
How many matches does it take?
Just one.
To burn His bloody temple.

But how many Banks does it take to burn the world?
Set fire to the root of the problem.

Nice try!
There are a million more standing,
The poor,
The sick,
The hungry.
Set fire to the root of the problem.

Pray to The Great Gesticulator, or you...

Will find yourself,
At the top of The List.

Bow down or get out.
There is only room for
Worship here.

Remember to pay The Great Gesticulator.
Track Name: Offertory
We'll pass around the collection plate.

Empty your pockets.
Prove your faith
In The Great...

Remember what The Prophets stipulate;
(Remember what The Profits stipulate)
It's all just part of the act.
Never mean what you say.
Track Name: Concluding Rites
Wallet a little light?
You must not be praying loud enough.

Clothes a little torn?
Ask yourself: Do you really wanna be a heathen?

Stomach a little empty?
Mouth a little dry?
Haven't you ever heard of Personal Responsibility?
Seated at The Right Hand.

(No one's allowed at His Left.
Don't even dare.)

Pray to The Great Gesticulator, or you...

Will be sacrificed
To the prophet of prophets.

Bow down to The
(Price Tag)
Great Gesticulator.

You aren't praying loud enough.

Forget the root of "the problem."
There is no problem.
The only problem is your lack of faith.

Bow down or get out.

Bow down to the Great Gesticulator.
To the prophet of prophets.

You voted for Him, didn't you?
You paid for Him, didn't you?

He will reward you well.
After all, He is
The Prophet of Profits.