In Disarray, Pt. I (album preview)

by Peculate



In Disarray is a two-part, 25-track concept album that will be released sometime in 2014.
In Disarray was written in the summer of 2012. Unlike all later Peculate material, it features only 6-string guitar.
Enjoy this preview of track 3, and check back soon for more music!


In Disarray is about anthropogenic climate change. This is the biggest problem facing the contemporary world, if not all human history. People all across the planet are already suffering and dying. And if we don't begin to do something about it—if we don't have large-scale, systemic change—our species (along with myriad other species on the planet) may very well not survive.

SCORES for all of the tracks are available at


released April 8, 2013

Ben Norton





Progressive math metal meets jazz-infused avant-garde classical music — Peculate is the solo project of composer and musician Ben Norton

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Track Name: (3) Steps
As the sky turns gray,
The last thing we need to do is pray.

Prey off their circumstances.
Prey off all this madness.
Yes prey off their bad habits.
It’ll go the way we want it.
It always does.

Stop moving forward.
Listen to your instinct.
What’s best for you’s what’s best for all.
No more progress.